Zombie Cell phone repair in Schaumburg

Cell phone repair in Schaumburg

The cell phone and computer repair field is one of the trickiest businesses to survive in but also one of the most exciting. In our rapidly changing world, the demand for computer and smartphone repair is going way up in Schaumburg and the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. As a result of hot competition in the field of computer & cell phone repair in Schaumburg, many companies have now started offering in-home computer service and support around Schaumburg and the Hoffman Estates area. As a result you can now find lots of great service options for popular consumer electronics like iPhones and Samsung galaxy phones. In fact this site is dedicated to help you find the repair service you need and to show interesting blog articles related the computer and cell phone repair industry.

Used Computers in Schaumburg

Is it safe to buy used computers in Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates? The quick answer is yes, generally speaking it is safe to buy computers if you can verify that they’re working properly. A great question to ask somebody is how they’re testing the computers which are up for sale. If the person selling the computer or laptop does not have an answer for you, then it is in your best interest to shop somewhere else. If a technician cannot say how the machine has been tested and verified to work, taking a chance can be very risky. At Zombie Techs, the common practice is to use a testing software that typically runs for 5 hours and electronically tests all of the components within a PC. The end result is a buying experience that will not disappoint because of “unforeseen” hardware failures.

Used smartphones in Schaumburg

Much of the same rules for buying used computers above have an impact on the buying and selling of smartphones in Schaumburg. A few things to consider are that smartphones can be locked out of service by the carrier. Never buy a smartphone that isn’t charged or won’t power on before being able to verify its condition. A great way to check is to run the IMEI number on the back of the phone or within it’s software against free online IMEI checkers. This will help decrease the risk of making a purchase and improve the confidence of the buyer. It is a safe practice to always check the IMEI or serial number of the phone prior to making a sale.

Do you have cell phones in Schaumburg?

Have no fear if you’re in need of cell phone repair in Schaumburg or Hoffman Estates. Smartphone and iPhone repair in Schaumburg are fairly difficult operations for non-technical consumers. While it’s true that anyone can watch a YouTube video about changing an iPhone 6 screen, the realities are that most people could make an irreversible mistake if they’re not experienced with repairing consumer electronics. The truth is that any number of non essential parts in the iPhone 6 could cause a short or could get damaged if the equipment is not handled properly. For this reason Zombie Techs offers cell phone repair in Schaumburg. At Zombie Techs you can get a quick and efficient cell phone repair at your convenience. There is no need for appointments and walk-ins are welcome anytime Monday – Friday 10am-8pm. Zombie Techs has a large number of great reviews from the local clientele to demonstrate their local popularity and reputation.